Ever wondered why YouTube buffering is so slow despite you having a capable and fast enough broadband connection? This happens because ISPs throttle the download speed from YouTube’s CDN servers that provide you with cached videos. So to speed up the YouTube video streaming, it helps to bypass these CDN servers.

Speed up YouTube

Should you bypass CDNs to speed up YouTube streaming?

It depends. If you feel that you are getting the same download speed from YouTube as you are with other websites such as Vimeo, Hulu, Netflix or Facebook videos, you probably would not benefit from this guide. You can also test this out by right clicking on the YouTube video player and clicking on ‘Show video info’ while a video is playing. Check out the values after TagStreamPlayer, HTTP. We will compare these again after you follow the guide.

  1. Type in cmd in the start menu search field and when it shows Command Prompt in the search results, right click it and click on ‘run as administrator’.
  2. Click yes on the UAC command prompt that appears.Speed Up YouTube Video Streaming
  3. Now copy the below commands, right click in the command prompt and paste them:    netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="YOUTUBESPEED" dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes
  4. Hit enter and you should see an OK message as below:Speed Up YouTube Video Streaming 1

Voila! You are done. Now it’s time to test if the trick really worked for you or not. Simply go to YouTube and play any video. Right click on the player and click on ‘Show video info’. Check out the values after TagStreamPlayer, HTTP and the values should be much higher, consistently, than what they were before you implemented the command line trick.

Speed up YouTube

YouTube should be faster for you now, no matter which browser or app you use on your Windows computer. However, in case you run into issues, you can remove the rule you added by putting the below command in the command promot and hitting Enter.

netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name="YOUTUBESPEED"


Credit for this discovery goes to Mitch!