MacUtil is a new customization tool which lets you tweak the CoreOS and make tweaks to the user interface, some of which are not available as options in the default settings for OS X. 

There are many utilities available like MacUtil that let you modify the core look and feel and functionality of OS X but I like the simplicity that MacUtil brings. It has a very simple user interface and provides detailed prompts for each and every tweak you apply to the OS. You would never be caught at a point where you might be left wondering what was the tweak you implemented and where you can test it. 

There are 4 categories of tweaks and modifications that MacUtil supports:

  • Dock
  • Finder
  • User Interface
  • Misc

Under the dock section, there are some cool tweaks such as toggling your dock from 3D to 2D ( this is for the retro-loving fans! ) as well as a cool stack list view which shows bigger icons. I specially like how it lets me add feedback when mousing over an item in a stack. The items get blue background on hover. Pretty neat!

MacUtil Lets You Customize and Tweak Mac OS X

In the finder section, certain tweaks are available in the default finder options and in other places if you know where to look. But this app gives you one place to apply changes such as show all files on your Mac ( including hidden files ), enable the status bar (alternatively, you can do this by going to the file menu for Finder and then View> Show status bar) and certain useful tweaks such as toggling searching current folder by default which is a must have. 

MacUtil Lets You Customize and Tweak Mac OS X  3

User interface lets you change animation speeds for certain parts of the OS. You can also enable apps to save to disk instead of to iCloud by default. There is also an option to change the minimize window effect which includes one called ‘suck’. It is actually really cool. I actually like it more than the genie animation!

MacUtil Lets You Customize and Tweak Mac OS X  2

The Misc category lets you apply tweaks such as changing the format of screenshots saved in OS X. You can chose between jpg to bmp and png amongst others. I would recommend choosing jpg if you take screenshot to share online. Amongst other tweaks, make sure you enable the now to show information in login window when you click the clock.  

MacUtil Lets You Customize and Tweak Mac OS X  1

The app is a blessing for customizer and modders. It is available to download for free from the developer’s website.The developer is also very responsive to feature requests as per his website so make sure you get in touch with him if needed.

Download MacUtil