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Tumblr For iOS Update Lets Users Customize Their Blog From the App

Yahoo has updated the Tumblr app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with an interesting new feature which allows users to customize the appearance of their Tumblr from within the app. Compared to the likes of Blogger and WordPress who do not offer such functionality on their

Google Maps Update for iOS and Android Brings Offline Maps, Lane Guidance, Search Results Filters And More

Google is the leader in online mapping but it does not stay still for very long. Google Maps has been received an update today for iPhone, iPad and Android with a plethora of new features such as lane guidance, offline maps, improvements to navigation and much more. Find

Authy App Lets You Access Two-Factor Authentication Tokens From Your Computer

Security conscious users would know how important it is to have two-factor authentication enabled for their online accounts. Two-factor authentication works by sending a verification token to the user’s mobile device either via text message or phone calls but what if you want to access the code

Control Center for Mac Replicates iOS 7 Control Center Functionality for OS X

Apple introduced Control Center in iOS 7 which is a quick toggles and controls menu that can be swiped up from the bottom of the screen from anywhere in the operating system. It shows controls for brightness, currently playing music, AirDrop, AirPlay and other commonly used apps

Firefox’ New HTTP Cache Speeds Up The Browser. Here’s How To Enable It

Firefox has just released version 29 of their browser with a user interface refresh and improved customization however, compared to Google’s Chrome browser, it still lags behind in performance. By performance, we mean general UI speediness as in terms of page rendering benchmarks, it is on par

Typist for Android Lets You Find The Best Keyboard For Fast Typing

The beauty of Android is that you can replace every part of the operating system with something that suits you more, whether it is a keyboard or a system wide them. Sometimes, too much options can be confusing but luckily, in the case of keyboards, a new

Fix ‘Unsupported Image Format’ Issue For RAW Files in Aperture

Aperture is one of the best apps available by Apple for photographers using OS X. Unfortunately, Apple does not give it the attention it deserves and sometimes, newer cameras are not supported, leaving users facing the annoying ‘unsupported image format’ error when importing RAW files. There are

GAget Is The Best Looking Google Analytics App for iPhone

Google Analytics does not have an official app for iPhone but it does have a good app for Android. That has only encouraged developers to come up with beautiful and useful apps that allow Google Analytics users to view their stats in beautiful visualizations. GAget is one

iOS 7.1.1 Released with Touch ID Improvements And More

Apple has continued its tradition of improving iOS 7 with point updates. With the release of iOS 7.1.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Apple has rolled out minor performance improvements and bug fixes which include further refinements to Touch ID which was already provided much needed

Pebble Appstore Launches With SDK 2.0 Beta 6, Available For Download

Pebble appstore has been made available with SDK 2.0 Beta 6 apps for iOS ( not Android yet ). Announced a month back, Pebble appstore is a one stop shop for users to find and download watchfaces and apps and also keep them updated, right from with